5 Best Free Page Builder for WordPress in 2024

5 Best Free Page Builder for WordPress in 2024


Technology continues to advance and the way people interact with this technology changes regularly; an aesthetically pleasing website is an essential tool for anyone working in business. As the most used CMS today, WordPress has free page builders out there which are multitudinous andextremely flexible and can easily be accessed by anyone. Regardless of your experience with web development, these page builders are flexible to serve a wide range of needs and have an easy-to-use control panel, excellent functionalities.

WordPress Page Builder Plugin.

The need of users to create website pages without needing professional programmers in 2024 is felt higher than ever. The top free page builders for WordPress are not only interfaces that allow you to drag and drop the content but also contain a considerable number of templates that can be easily customized, being adapted to both personal computers and devices with a small display, also, free page builders have a multitude of functions and settings. Here we scrutinize the pack to determine which offerings are the top choices in the offer marketplace.



Like the name suggests, Elementor has a dominant position in the WordPress market for its capability and simplicity. Special attention should be paid to this page builder for individuals who decided to design their website without programming language.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: This chain of dependencies is likely to explain why Elementor has an easy-to-navigate drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy to construct sophisticated layouts.
  • Template Library: Even though Create, they offer a vast library of pre-designed templates to choose from and adapt to your brand’s requirements.
  • Responsive Design: Addiate your site may appear flexible by providing many options for the responsive design.
  • Widgets and Add-ons: A variety of widgets that may be used as forms, sliders, and social widgets as well.
  • Theme Builder: Use WordPress to work with the design of headers, footers and other genie features of the site.
  • Link:Elementor

Elementor Lite is an ideal choice if you want a significant amount of customization functionality without having to pay for the Pro version. The former is well-suited to beginners because it offers a flexible and highly customizable framework for the latter; the die-hard developer will appreciate the site’s depth and versatility.

Beaver Builder.


The next candidates can be mentioned as the widely used tools among the users of WordPress: Beaver Builder. Being sleek and no-nonsense, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a clean-looking business site without struggling for days.

Key Features.

  • Front-End Editing: Make changes to your site live that is front-end editing abilities allow the client to make changes with ease.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Refers to page 84 From the program select templates that will facilitate the design process and save time.
  • Responsive Design: Design Mixed HTML Layouts That Look Good On Both Desktops as well as portable devices.
  • Reusable Modules: Minimize the use of ‘static’ content and be able to transport them from one page to another to ensure that the overall look and style of the pages is well harmonized.
  • SEO Optimization: Designed to reflect the principles of SEO so your site becomes more popular and gets higher ranks on search server.
  • Link:Beaver Builder

Thus, functionality and ease of use make it ideal to be used by those users that want to build beautiful websites with the help of beaver builder without having to spend time in mastering long instructions. It’s advantage is its possible for performances and SEO.



Especially important to indicate the modern design and the convenience of using Brizy. This is ideal for people who have no time to design their sites from scratch and prefer to have a presentable layout in seconds.

Key Features

  • Visual Editing: Bring edits to the table in the form of design where the changes could be easily implemented from your part.
  • Global Styling: Control your site’s appearance with the use of global styling features that allow for style coordination across your site.
  • Content Blocks: Based on the above-discussed points, following are the recommended features that should be incorporated in the upcoming redesigning of Wix: This made it easier for the users to develop the pages using templates which they referred to as the Content Blocks.
  • Responsive Controls: Enlarge and reduce how your site looks on desktop and phone.
  • Cloud Integration: You can also request your designs as refined image files to be saved in the cloud for further use and sharing.
  • Link:Brizy

Their page building method of work has been deemed unique by many, and that gives Brizy a headstart. These are some of the responses indicating that its ability in media/display, video, and cloud work as the best in making easy the design’s creation.

SiteOrigin Page Builder.


Now, let’s discuss the SiteOrigin Page Builder – it is officially one of the oldest and most stable plugins for WordPress. It has a multitude of features, enhanced stability, a wide array of features and functions, and more.

Key Features.

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: It is possible definitively to appreciate that use of the drag and drop system makes it easy to produce even intricate designs.
  • Responsive Design: Make sure your site look good regardless of the device used which gives the option for responsive design.
  • History Browser: Another new feature present in this program is the history browser to undo and redo those changes with ease.
  • Pre-Built Layouts: Choose from a collection of professionally designed templates to create your start point for your design.
  • Widget Compatibility: Fully integration with most of the WordPress widgets, increasing the extend of the capabilities of the widget.
  • Link:SiteOrigin Page Builder

This is evident from the fact that it enjoys a long-stable history and can be relied upon to do its work effectively. Integration with numerous widgets and rich history browser proved most beneficial for developers.

WP Page Builder.


welcome to wp page builder what is wp page builder? WP Page Builder is a versatile and easy to use page building tool that comes with many options to create good looking websites.

Key Features.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Clean interface that enables users to create and design effortlessly in a short span of time.
  • Pre-Designed Blocks: Quick page construction is facilitated by the use of pre-existing blocks of texts, images, or graphic designs, which can be added to the pages in a matter of minutes without having to develop them from scratch.
  • Responsive Design: Check that your site has all of the mobile options for full usability with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Add-ons Library: Expand productivity with a library of add-ons. ıldığı<|ai|>Expand productivity with a library of add-ons.
  • SEO Friendly: This theme is developed with some basic SEO friendly features to make your site easily index on the internet.
  • Link:WP Page Builder

When it comes to the usage of WP Page Builder, it is completely user friendly with simple interface and various options good for both common users and professionals. It is helpful in point of view of responsivedesign and SEO since it helps in creating the websites with better performance.

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Selecting the top page creation tool is vital because this will decide the site’s appearance and functionality. Comparing the WordPress page builder of 2024, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, SiteOrigin Page Builder and WP Page Builder are the best free ones. These tools and gadgets are quite distinct from one other and each of them has its relative merits or uses depending on the specifics of their use. While some page builders excel in user-friendly interfaces, others provide a vast array of design customization or strong SEO abilities – there is something for everyone within the list above.


  • I have a WordPress site and I’m wondering what is the best free page builder for WordPress?
  • So, for people who are looking for the best free page builder for WordPress, the answer would largely depend on the specific user’s requirement. Both Elementor and Beaver Builder are amazing and worthwhile tools to use, as are Brizy, SiteOrigin Page Builder, and WP Page Builder.
  • Are these page builders for the intelligent or can they be used by anybody even without any trace of coding knowledge?
  • Indeed, all the page builders, described in this article, are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and do not demand any coding skills from the user.
  • Are these page builders so versatile that they can be used with any WordPress theme?
  • Some of these page builders can be used with most WordPress themes, although integration may be a bit tricky in some instances. However, it is recommended to find out before hand if the one chosen is compatible for the current theme being used.
  • Here are few questions related to the page builders which needs to be answered As in the above noted page builders, do they offer and support SEO features?
  • In fact, many of these page builders can be developed with SEO friendly features in mind so as to improve on your website’s ranking.
  • Are these page builders customizable to fit different standards and resolutions to allow for the creation of responsive websites?
  • Yes, indeed, all the page builders pointed out in the article have option for the responsive layout that will produce the necessary settings for mobile responsiveness automatically.
  • Are there conditions to the number of pages that can be constructed using these free page builders?
  • In most cases, free page builders have no limit on the number of pages you create using their templates, themes or from scratch.
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