How to Share Google Calendar in 2024

How to Share Google Calendar in 2024


Google Calendar is one of the necessities to make the organization planning and to increase the productivity. It is easily possible and quite helpful to share your Google Calendar regardless if you are collaborating for personal reasons, business or for group projects. In this definitive guide, you will learn the necessary steps on how Google Calendar can be properly shared to minimize cancellation and rescheduling among the involved parties.

Understanding Google Calendar Sharing.

Google Calendar has the feature that allows users to share a calendar and allow view only access or full editing or management access etc. It is a very useful approach to ensure everyone can be in tandem when planning, for instance during a family event or when planning and implementing a project that requires the participation of a team.

Why should anyone want to Share their Google Calendar?

It may seem easy to share a calendar with friends, but the effectiveness of this tool cannot be underestimated. This is important to ensure that nobody has to organize their day around an event they do not wish to attend, or to ensure that everybody knows when an event of importance is happening, or simply to ensure that people are more productive since they know what is going on. It also proposed a possibility to delegate a scheduler, when your calendar is shared, it becomes easier to organize your time.

How to Prepare Your Google Calendar for Sharing.

Before the sharing Google Calendar you should be sure that it is configured properly. Here’s how:

  • Access Google Calendar: The other method is online and it involves the following steps; Open the Google Calendar either on your computer or a mobile device.
  • Create a New Calendar: If you wish to share a certain particular calendar, find it in the left sidebar besides “Other calendars,” click the “+” button and then “Create new calendar.”
  • Name Your Calendar: Rather than using default names like ‘Calendar 1,’ ‘Calendar 2’ and so on, make sure you choose descriptive names that make sense for the intents and purposes of each calendar.

How to Share Google Calendar: Specific Procedures

Settings to Share Your Calendar with Specific People

  • Open Google Calendar: Open Calendar by typing and selecting Google Calendar in your preferred browser on your computer or other device.
  • Select the Calendar to Share: Next to the list of calendar names and colors, locate the calendar you wish to share. The three dots that appear next to it should be clicked and the option labelled as “Settings and sharing ” be chosen.
  • Share with Specific People: In the center-right side of the displayed page, it is possible to scroll down to the “Share with specific people” line. On the bottom, there is a “Add people” option – click on it.
  • Enter Email Addresses: Explicit the people you wish to invite by providing their email addresses. You can enter a number of email addresses commacing each one with a comma.
  • Set Permissions: Select the permissions you’d like to give to other users: “Only visibility of free/busy time”, “Visibility of all event details”, “Possibility to modify events”, “Possibility to modify events and change the permissions”.
  • Send Invitations: Choose “Send” to send your calendar to colleagues and subordinates. The users will receive an email that will provide them with the credentials to access the calendar.

Sharing a Public Calendar.

  • Open Calendar Settings: Proceed with opening the settings of the calendar as it is described in the instructions above.
  • Make Calendar Public: This is under the event “access permissions” now select the checkbox “Make available to the public. ”
  • Set Access Level: Decide if you want to enable an event to have all the details or just the option of free/busy.
  • Get Shareable Link: Next to it invite people ‘Get shareable link’ to produce a URL that can be shared with other people.

Managing Shared Calendar Permissions.

In case the calendar which has been shared needs to have permissions changed, or the user whose calendar was shared has to be removed, this can be done. Here’s how:

  • Open Calendar Settings: Open the calendar options by choosing the Arrowhead beside the calendar of your choice and then select on ‘Settings and sharing’.
  • Edit Permissions: To edit the details of permissions granted to the specific person, locate the person in the “Share with specific people” field. They will take you to the permission level that you have assigned to them, Use the pull down menu that appears next to the name of the user.
  • Remove Access: To edit the members, click on the rotary arrow next to the member’s email address to drop down a list with options to edit the member’s information, reset the member’s password, or delete the member.

Tips to Share Your Google Calendar.

Keep Privacy in Mind.

It is important that when you subscribe to a Google Calendar, you pay attention to what you are inputting into the calendar. Cultural or religious events also have a way of altering calendars and for sensitive or personal event, a new calendar should be made or the “See only free/busy” permission should be arranged.

Ensure Your Calendar Is Up-to-date and Static-Free.

Follow-up A shared calendar can only be effective if it has been updated, because this will ensure that all the new activities and appointments have been included. The following are general guidelines that one needs to follow: Refill your calendar often to make certain all you’ve input is correct and up to date the next time you use it.

Communicate with Your Team

As for sharing your calendar it is crucial to utilize the efficient methods of exchanging the information. Ensure everyone has learned how to use the shared calendar and is well informed of any changes that may be occurring.

Troubleshooting Common Issues.

Calendar Not Syncing.

There could be a number of issues that prevail when using shared calendars and if you or the recipient has not synced it then it might be crucial to check and see if the both of you are connected to a reliable internet connection. In the same vein, examine whether the calendar is well synchronized within the settings of the built-in calendar application.

Permission Issues.

When a person cannot go through a shared calendar, the first thing to do is consider the email used to check the credentials and also verify if the person accepted to be on the list. Sometimes the invite might be lost or delayed, or their permissions might have been changed, and you may need to resend the invitation or modify the permission level.

How to Share Google Calendar on Mobile Devices.

Below is the procedure of how to use the google calendar app:

  • Open the App: Open the calendar software on your smartphone or tablet by either clicking on the icon on the home screen or using the Google Calendar application.
  • Access Calendar Settings: Click the icon of three horizontal dots (menu) on the upper left, then choose the “Settings” tab.
  • Select the Calendar: Select the calendar that you want to have activated and shared with other users.
  • Add People: Hit on “Share” button or “Add people”, enter the email of the one you wish to share your photos with.
  • Set Permissions: You will then have to choose the right permission level for your invitations.

Integrating Google Applications for Improved Communication.

Integrating with Other Tools.

Google Meetings can be linked with Google Calendar for scheduling meetings, and you can integrate Google Calendar with video or web-conferencing apps like Google Meet or zoom, and with the project management apps like Trello and Asana. It can be definitely of advantage to use this integration since you can have all your scheduling requirements here only.

Working with Calendar Notifications and Reminders.

One of the ways to make the best out of Google Calendar is to use the notification and reminder facilities to get a schedule. For students and employees who have plenty things to do in a given day, there is an option to set reminders for the important events, deadlines or meetings so that you don’t miss any important appointments.

Google Calendar Sharing for Businesses.

Team Calendars.

Making a team calendar page can enhance efficiency in the actions of organizations. Use the calendar to manage all the meetings, deadlines and other heardcopy activities that are relevant to all the people in a team.

Booking and Scheduling.

Google Calendar can actually be harnessed so as to help facilitate booking and scheduling. For scheduling appointments or meetings, make a public calendar which would be accessible to the clients and customers so they can book themselves saving time and reducing the burden on the administrative department.


  • What is the process of synchronizing one’s Google Calendar with that of another people, especially those in another organization?
  • Test: As you want to share your Google Calendar with a person outside of your organization, then follow the steps under ‘Share this calendar with specific people’. Under the ‘Permissions’ tab, adjust the necessary permission levels, and the intended recipient will be sent an e-mail that offers them access to your calendar.
  • Is it possible to add several persons or several groups to share a calendar in Google Calendar?
  • Yes, it is possible to share the Google Calendar with a particular Group by simply typing the Group address into the ‘Add people’ field during the calendar sharing process. Each individual in the group will need to fill out the form and their access rights to the shared calendar will be based on their inputs.
  • How can I prevent other users or my Google Calendar from syncing with other devices and accounts?
  • If you no longer wish to share your Google Calendar with anyone, go to ‘Setting’ of that particular calendar and find the user or the group to remove next to ‘Share with specific people’ and tap the ‘X’ button that’s located beside the email address of that person or group.
  • Hence, is it possible for I to sync only certain events to my Google Calendar?
  • Although you are unable to broadcast individual events, you are also able to create a new calendar for various events only and then broadcast that calendar instead. It means that they may view the specific events you want to share without the necessity to share the whole calendar.
  • Is there any way I can know which of my friends/peers has access to my Google Shared Calendar?
  • Yes, you are allowed to check the people who have access to your shared Google Calendar by going into calendar settings, and in the list, which displays the name of people in the ‘Share with specific people’ category. This list will display any person and organization that currently has access to your calendar and their granted privileges.
  • Are the calendars on the tag returned to their original state?
  • However, if you remove a calendar shared with you, it will be deleted from all users involved based on the calendar. Before deleting a calendar, ensure you warn anyone who is a calendar user you do so in order not to result to confusion and loss of essential information.

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Among all the features that Google offers, sharing your Google Calendar is one of the most efficient solutions for effective collaboration. Through this tutorial, you can learn how to share your calendar, share it and change their settings, and integrate it into other applications. Whether it be in the personal field or in the professional field, shared calendars are very useful since it can help the whole group or individuals to stay on schedule and have all the necessary appointments handled accordingly.

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